Terra Kaffe Inc. brand identity

Brookly, NY

Terra Kaffe Inc. brand identity

Brookly, NY

Terra Kaffe is a Brooklyn based specialty espresso manufacturer that aims to bring the Third wave coffee culture into everyone’s home. Made by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, their intent was to create an affordable, yet high quality coffee brewing machine into everyone’s home.

Earth to bean. Bean to cup.

Terra Kaffe have one simple philosophy – Great espresso doesn’t grow in pods. Run by a small team in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, Terra Kaffe are dedicated coffee aficionados who focused on creating a brand with conscious consumption in mind. Their product wasn’t only intended to be a better alternative to pod based machines on the market, but also to communicate a message of sustainable and eco-friendly coffee.

Their first ever machine is truly a must have for all coffee lovers. It was created to be an affordable alternative to bigger brand names such as Krups, DeLonghi and Jura and including the majority of the options the competition has such as: coffee bean grinding unit, multiple specialty options and controls of brewing, water, coffee and milk dosages as well as an automated cleaning system. On top of that it was designed to look great on any kitchen counter and fit in almost every space.

BVK was involved in the brand development process from the company’s very beginning, having been in charge of creating everything across the board. From generating the essential branding elements, to wider application of them across all platforms and overseeing the minute details such as the machine user interface, photo direction, web design and social media campaigns.

Terra Kaffe actively collaborate with numerous other lifestyle brands such as Equinox, Burrow and Everlane. Their tasting events are a success and the look and feel that BVK managed to produce has been greeted with high praise.

Creative direction and design
Bureau for visual communications

Mladen Hoyss
Paolo Villenueva

3D Rendering
Živa Stanojević

Bureau for visual

für visuelle
A vizuális
di comunicazione
za vizuelne
de comunicaciones
des communications
de comunicações
for visuell

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