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LookUp was a one day pop-up event dealing with mindfulness in technology that took place in at Palette, San Francisco on December 2019. Conceived by the teams of Blloc Inc. and PALM phone, the main focus of the event was to address the onset of over-saturation of smart technology and how to improve the quality of its usage both from the perspective of the user and the manufacturer. The event hosted a number of lecturers, Tiffany Shlain, Karl Barenbrug of Minimalisimo, and Arielle Pardes of Wired. Both Blloc and PALM are actively creating innovations in this field with their innovative design solutions implemented in their smart device products.

Blloc and PALM invited some of the most prominent names that deal with the issues of tech in psychology, behavior and design. Lecturers such as Tiffany Shlain, Karl Barenbrug and Arielle Pardes (WIRED) have discussed a number of topics regarding the onset of numerous problems related to irresponsible production and use of smart devices, while the CEOs of Blloc and Palm tried to answer what the future might hold for innovation and mindfulness in technological design.

BVK worked closely with both teams to create a branding and spatial design for the event. It was our desire to create a comfortable and digitally detoxed atmosphere, but at the same time, to alert them about the issues the event was raising awareness about. We also incorporated an element of rebelliousness by taking over the space to show the viewers that there are many innovative and independent companies that also manufacture smart technology and that their first choice doesn’t necessarily have to be opting for a major phone manufacturer.

In addition, the event doubled as a platform for both Blloc and PALM to showcase their products and their innovative approach to designing smart devices. Each company was tasked with devising their own stand to help the visitors experience their latest products and see for themselves how the user experience can be different than what is now customary and conventional in the field of personal smart devices.

Creative direction: Mladen Hoyss, CEO of Blloc Inc. | Art direction and design: BVK | Animation: Živa Stanojević | Event photo credits: PALM | Header image by: Tim Foster | Street photo by: Jiang Xulei

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