3 Street Gallery

London, United Kingdom

3 Street Gallery

London, United Kingdom

3 Street Gallery is a collective of street photographers in London and the rest of the UK who operate since 2018. Their unique approach to street photography gave them the recognition and prestige in the wider photographic community and helped them launch their work worldwide. A fluctuating member roster includes Mo Barzegar, Sean Tucker and Joshua K. Jackson to name a few. Their recent endeavor consisted of creating a group exhibition of their work, located at The Space in City of London. Their most recent exhibition — Opus 2 — was intended to promote their activities and help attract new members to their collective with future plans of growing it into a platform for street photography enthusiasts.

3 Street Gallery approached BVK to create a visual identity and collateral for the exhibition as well as to help the collective produce the entire project. Our approach to this task was to think in terms of pronouncing the photographic content, but also to give the project a face and message it can stand behind. Inspired by the motion of the streets, imperfection and film rolls, we set out to produce a minimal and elegant solution applicable across the board.

The identity we chose a simple approach by creating the inscription My London rolling across every bit of material. Inspired by the masters of old Swiss and international styles, we aimed to bring a dose of classical execution with only the strong typography in focus and let the content tell the rest of the story.

The exhibition magazine also played a big part in the entire project. We meticulously crafted the publication to not only provide insight into the collective’s activities to newcomers, but also to act as a fund raising artifact that proved to be a very wanted item.

Art direction, design and production: BVK | Photography: Sean Tucker, Mo Barzegar, Mavis CW, Joshua K. Jackson, Craig Whitehead, Mark Fearnley, Josh Edgoose, Shane Taylor, Brandon Wong | Event photography: Peter Li

Bureau for visual

für visuelle
A vizuális
di comunicazione
za vizuelne
de comunicaciones
des communications
de comunicações
for visuell

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